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With over 30 years experience with insulation surveying and installing all over the country I now specialise in surveying properties for cavity insulation in the south-east of the UK.


I can provide extremely competitive prices for cavity wall, solid wall and loft insulation using the latest and most efficient insulation materials, to arrange a survey on your property then please leave your contact details on the contact page.


I conduct a professional and extensive survey on your property and meet all the necessary qualification requirements to ensure that any insulation carried out will be done so safely.


When the insulation is installed it is done so to the industry standard by fully trained specialists qualified with all the mandatory governing bodies responsible for insulation qualifications.



Cavity wall insulation surveying
Cavity wall insulation installation process

It's well known that more heat is lost through the walls of your home than in any other way. An uninsulated wall can lose up to 35% of your domestic heating. This will increase your energy bills and it effects the environment and our natural resources.

Cavity wall insulation acts as a blanket that prevents heat loss through the wall and spreads heat uniformly around the home. It can also help to stop your home getting too hot in the summer.

We use the latest natural and efficient white wool material to fill the cavity without the use of chemicals or water. It allows the wall to breathe and will not succumb to mould growth, it is completely ozone friendly and is made up of natural resources and will remain effective for the lifetime of the building.


New building regulations have been introduced to ensure that all new homes are to be fitted with insulation to make energy saving more efficient and to help maintain the environment. It won't be long before we will have to insulate our homes to meet the governments required standard. 

Cavity insulation in your walls can save you up to £245 a year on your energy bills.

The installation of your cavity insulation is extremely hassle free and efficient. It is clean and simple, most installations only take 2-3 hours to complete. After an initial survey which includes all the necessary checks the installation date will be arranged to suit your convenience. Installation starts with small holes being drilled on your external walls of the property and then the white wool mineral fibre material will be blown into the cavity between your inner and external walls using a specialised insulation machine. After the installation is complete the holes will be filled with the most suitable material to match the original finish off the wall as best as possible, we do not claim to colour match painted areas.


There are multiple benefits to having your walls fully insulated and there is no better time to arrange a survey for your insulation. A typical cavity insulation for a semi detached 3 bedroom house will normally cost around £550. This is an investment in your property and you will make your money back from your energy bill savings.


If you live in Kent, Sussex or Surrey and would like to arrange a survey then click here.


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