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In addition to insulation I have also specialised in the following remedial works as an installer/surveyor:



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defective cavity wall extraction


We are currently performing private, local authority and housing association extraction works.


This includes the extraction of failed or badly installed:


- Loose and/or bonded polystyrene beads

- Urea Formaldehyde foam insulation

- Mineral fibre insulation


Using specially designed equipment causing very little disturbance to the fabric of the building as seen below:

Click any image to enlarge and see a brief description of the process


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Cavity Wall Tie replacement



I am an independent wall tie surveyor and an associate member of  "The Wall Tie Installers Federation".


I am an experienced wall tie surveyor, providing a written report in the diagnosis and the remedial treatment of wall ties and any ancillary work required.


If you are considering a house purchase, a wall tie survey by a Registered Installer should certainly be included in your preliminary investigations before making an offer. In some areas it will be required as a precondition of loan.


This wall tie has completely corroded through and is no longer attaching the two skins together.

Cavity Wall Tie corrosion affects many properties throughout the UK, especially in exposed and coastal locations.


When this corrosion advances horizontal cracking occurs, causing damage to the brickwork and eventually loss of stability between the skins of brickwork.


Most houses built in the last twenty years will have been constructed of stainless or heavily galvanised ties which are proof against this decay but houses prior to 1980 cannot be presumed to be immune, hence the need for inspection.

The gable of this property in Hastings fell down during strong winds because the Wall Ties had corroded through.

With the use of a metal detector and an endoscope I can locate, drill and inspect the condition of the ties and provide a full written report.



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